Winter Grilling

Winter Grilling

The relatively snowless winter we have had so far has not been great for winter sports, but it has certainly made grilling easier.

We love to fire up the gas grill year round. The food we grill has a great summertime taste, plus the smell makes the neighbors crazy.

If you're one of those year-round grillers as well, we have a few tips for grilling success:

1) Dress for the weather. Even though the grill will keep your front warm, if the weather is super chilly, other parts could be subjected to frostbite. Make sure, though, you're not wearing any scarves, tassels, or other dangling items that could end up on or in the grill and create a safety hazard.

2) Make sure you have a clear path between the grill and the door. You want to focus on your food, not have to worry about your footing.

3) Give yourself plenty of preheat time, and make sure you use a meat thermometer to ensure everything is cooked through and tasty.

4) If it's windy, position your grill at a 90 degree angle to the wind to reduce its cooling effect. Keeping the lid closed will keep the heat on the meat as well.

5) If the weather is awful, no matter how tempting it is to grill in the garage, DON'T DO IT! Make sure you are grilling in a well-ventilated area -- outdoors -- and away from any combustible materials.

Good luck with your winter grilling, and remember -- spring will be here before we know it.

Image: --- Grill available at Grillnetics

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