The Edible Flower Garden Fort Collins Style

The Edible Flower Garden Fort Collins Style

Create a beautiful and useful garden with edible flowers


Flavor: Sharp saffron like taste that can range from spicy to bitter to tangy to peppery

Uses: Only the petals are edible. Excellent sprinkled in soups, pasta, rice, and salads. Can also be used to make an herb butter or to color soups and rice.

Growing: Requires full sun


Flavor: Tang and bitter taste can be slightly peppery

Uses: Petals should be blanched before eating. Petals are excellent sprinkled in salads. Leaves can be used to flavor vinegars. Leaves can also be used in Asian stir fr

Growing: Requires full sun


Flavor: Clove like: slightly sweet and spicy

Uses: Best used as a garnish

Growing: Full sun to part shade


Flavor: Young flowers/buds are sweet with a honey like taste. Mature flowers are bitter.

Uses: Eat raw or steamed. Excellent sprinkled in a salad (the leaves can also be used in salad). Can also be fermented into wine or sprinkled onto rice.

Growing: They will grow anywhere!


Flavor: slightly acidic

Uses: flowers and berries are edible. Best used as a garish.

Growing: Full sin to part shade


Flavor: mild wintergreen flavor

Uses: Full flowers are beautiful sprinkled in salads. Wonderful as a garnish on desserts, soft cheeses, and drinks.

Growing: Partial Shade


Flavor: Very fragrant and floral. Slightly bitter and lemony

Uses: Great in salads. Beautiful crystalized with sugar and used as garnish

Growing: Full sun


Flavor: Flowers are sweet and spicy. Leaves are peppery.

Uses: Excellent in salads, open face sandwiches, and used as garnishes.

Growing: Full sun


Flavor: A very mild and slightly sweet, green taste

Uses: Excellent used as garnishes in salads, desserts, or soups

Growing: Full sun or partial shade


Flavor: Sweet and subtle with taste ranging from fruity to spicy. The more fragrant the blossom, the more flavorful.

Uses: Excellent in desserts, ice cream, punches, and drinks. Wonderful used in butter for scones.

Growing: Full sun

Sweet Woodruff

Flavor: Sweet with a hint of vanilla

Uses: Excellent used as a garnish in dessert

Growing: Partial to full shade


Flavor: Sweet, floral flavor

Uses: Wonderful used as a garnish to any dessert or drink. Excellent when crystalized with sugar. Leaves are edible and can be eaten raw in salad or cooked like spinach.

Growing: Full to partial sun

Basil Flowers

Flavor: A milder taste than the basil leaves

Uses: wonderful sprinkled in salads or pasta for concentrated basil flavor

Growing: Full sun

Chive Blossoms

Flavor: Mild onion flavor

Uses: Excellent in salads and herbed butters

Growing: Full Sun

Garlic Blossoms

Flavor: Mild garlic flavor

Uses: Excellent in salads

Growing: Full sun


Flavor: Sweet, floral, and herbal with citrus notes

Uses: Wonderful in ice cream, cookies, and lemonade

Growing: Full sun

Squash Blossoms

Flavor: mild squash flavor

Uses: Perfect stuffed with rice, meat, or cheese

Growing: Full sun

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