How to Create the Perfect Living Wall

How to Create the Perfect Living Wall

Living Walls are one of the biggest trends for 2017, and there are lots of options when it comes to creating the look for your home. Regardless if you choose a small feature, or go for a full over-sized wall, this living art will make a impact. 

Selecting the Living Wall for Your Home

Location: First you will want to decide if you want to pick an indoor or outdoor area. You will need to take into consideration the amount of sunlight the area receives, and watering needs - this will all play into selecting the plants you will be using. 

Size: There are lots of options here, you can select a full wall or hanging display, planters, or boxed (framed) displays. The larger the feature the more impact, also the more maintenance. A great way to meet in the middle is stacking several small planters, such as the Rust Wall Planters available in the Surroundings Showroom. This gives you the same awe as a full wall, with the ease of smaller displays. 

Plants: Again there are lots of options here, and this is were your location and size of planters comes into play. You will want to ensure you pick plants that meet the amount of sunlight, also take a look seasonality and how that will work with your wall - if you are placing it outdoors. 

There are many popular and easy to maintain plants, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Succulents: they are great for living walls, they are easy to maintain and work in both vertical and horizontal planters. There are lots of different variations of succulents, allowing for you to create a lot of depth and add pops of color. They also do well in outdoor areas that have varied seasons.
  • Moss: Moss is beautiful and creates a real statement. It works better with vertical walls, and is great for both indoor and outdoors, it doesn't require a lot of sunlight and is very adoptable. 
  • Non-Traditional Plants: the best part of living walls is you aren't limited by what plants to use. You can create a a jungle of ferns, bromeliads, coral bells, spider plants, and elephant ears. You'll want to make sure you select and layer your plants in a way that allows for them all to flourish. 

All that's left is building your wall. We recommend stopping by the showroom and chatting with the team from Mill Brothers, Northern Colorado's premier landscaping group. 

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