Advantages of an Outdoor Kitchen

Advantages of an Outdoor Kitchen

Most people who stop by Surroundings head out to our patio at some point during their tour of our store where their jaws drop. The outdoor kitchen we’ve installed as a showpiece for available possibilities is pretty amazing. Two outdoor TVs?

Really, what sports or movie enthusiast wouldn’t be impressed.

Besides the Outpace-the-Joneses value of an outdoor kitchen, there are some real advantages to installing one in your outdoor space:

Great Investment

The National Association of Home Builders has estimated that outdoor kitchens can add up to 130% of their value to the price of your home. That’s a better return for the money than most upgrades homeowners make on the INSIDE of their homes.

We Love the Outdoors

Face it, the weather in Northern Colorado is pretty nice year round. Walk through Old Town Fort Collins and it’s an oddity to see a restaurant without a patio or deck for dining. Homeowners like to entertain outdoors as well, and features like affordable fire pits and propane heaters make it even easier to be outside almost all year. Why not create a place that’s nice to go outdoors to?

Center of the Action

With all of the above being said, think where your guests tend to gather when they’re inside your house. It’s the kitchen, right? So if you’re having an outdoor party, wouldn’t you rather have them gather in the outdoor kitchen than the one indoors? Comfortable furnishings and kitchen conveniences will keep your guests close by and involved in or watching the activity, which is where they like to be.

Easy to Clean

For whatever reason, outdoor entertaining tends to encourage cooking experiments that often involve lots of red sauce and grease spatters. An outdoor kitchen complete with sink and running water makes clean-up that much easier, and prevents the traipsing in and out between the grill and the kitchen that can lead to who-knows-what who-knows-where. And forget about mopping the floor outdoors when a dousing with the garden hose works easier and even better.

It’s Just Plain Fun

Maybe it’s all the reasons outlined above, but hanging out outdoors cooking and eating with friends is just a great time. And an outdoor kitchen with all the amenities – grill/cooking surface, sink, refrigerator, comfy seating, and more – will make you want to spend all the more time outdoors.

Image: Custom Outdoor Kitchen by Mill Brothers

Mar 8th 2016 Surroundings Store

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