Add Beauty and Interest to Your Fire Pit with Fire Glass

Add Beauty and Interest to Your Fire Pit with Fire Glass

A standard gas fire pit gets a new look and provides a new level of warmth and enjoyment with the addition of fire glass to replace the standard ceramic logs.

Fire glass is made up of small pieces of colored, tempered glass that can be used in fire pits and fire tables to hide the gas jets and radiate the heat and reflect the light from the fire. The glass is designed to tolerate high heat without melting, cracking, or discoloring. It doesn’t give off toxic fumes, smoke, ash, or soot, so you can sit close to the warmth without concern.

Many people enjoy a fire with fire glass because of the effect it provides – the light from the fire reflects off the glass to cast a warm, vibrant glow, adding to the ambiance of the fire.

The color of glass adds to the effect. Reds, yellows, and oranges create the look of coals or embers in the fire pit, while greens and blues can create an unusual, unexpected effect. Light colors like crystal and opal make the fire appear to be burning in ice.

The glass also distributes the heat to provide even warmth, no matter where around the fire someone is sitting. Fire glass actually radiates three to four times more heat than wood or artificial logs because of its surface.

We have many styles of fire pits and fire tables with fire glass. Come in and take a look!

Image: Reverse Fire Table by Fin de Flame 

Oct 29th 2016 Surroundings Store

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